Eudybelles Estate Sales Planning Puts Your Mind at Ease


Eudybelles conducts estate sales planning, liquidation sales and Furniture Consignment in the Missouri City, Sugar Land, Stafford and Houston area.  It's no secret that you have many estate sale companies to choose from, however in today's competitive market Eudybelle's understands what it takes to stand out above the others.


This is what we offer!


  • Free Face to Face consultation- which is offfered by most companies but our face to face package will provide material to educate our client as to what to expect from the estate sale and provide valuable information and a personal strategy as to how to maximize the proceeds received from your sale.


  • Transparent Pricing and Inventory Process - Most companies do not provide a complete inventory of the items for sale with pricing .  At Eudybelles we believe in transparency and will provide a complete list of items with pricing for your review prior to the sale.


  • Cleaning and Staging your items- Just as we do in our consignment store we will display your items in a professional manner.  This lets the buyer see how these items may look in their home.  Many times at estate sales items are just stacked up on tables and not displayed in a pleasing manner.  


  • Marketing- we will market your estate sale in local newspapers , facebook, estatesales.net, estate sales.com,estatesales.org and of course our website and bulletin board at our store.


Lastly, we will cut your check no later than 7 business days from the date of the sale.


To set up free consulation contact us at 281-969-8461 or email us at Eudybelles@yahoo.com.